heyyyy, I'm alexis ✨

a UX and Product Designer passionate about using design to create meaningful experiences and build up communities. My diverse background includes a master's in HCI + Design and more. I am a Bay Area native 🌞, currently in Seattle, WA 🌧.

I recently worked as a UX Designer on a project for the non‐profit Safe Place International (SPI), designing a virtual community portal for their double‐marginalized program members.

I am currently in search of work opportunities!

Case Studies

a with a laptop and android phone, showing the finished virtual portal for SPI

Safe Place International (SPI)

UX Design | Web | Mobile

A secured web and mobile virtual community portal for the non‐profit SPI's double marginalized LGBTQ+ and refugee program graduates.

a photo showing the finished product of the MYCO project


Product | IX Design | Web

A creator‐only web platform built up of small collectives that form communities to combat creative burnout and isolation among micro creators.

a photo showing the finished product of the O2 project

O 2

Product design | Mobile | B2C

O 2 is a system that aims to bridge a connection between homes and nature through a personalized terrarium and a mobile application.

a photo showing the finished product of the River project


UX | IX Design | Tablet

River is a tablet app integrated into various streaming services to uniquely connect friends and family while watching entertainment programs.